Model 500x
One Or Two Sensors
Toxic Or Combustible Sensors
SMS 500X Sensor Features
  • Two point sensor system
  • Two alarm system, audible and visual
  • Solid state circuitry
  • Voltage or 4-20 mA output signal for RS 232 or 0-1 mA for recorders
  • Choice of sensors, Metal Oxide, Catalytic Bead, Electrochem
  • H3S, SO2, CI2, CO, NO, H3, and L.F.L.
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance
  • Rugged waterproof fiberglass enclosure
  • Over 10 years of proven dependability
  • 125 volt AC or 12 volt DC power
  • Optional solar package
  • Transmitter is in a UL classified explosion proof housing for use in hazardous locations; NEC Class I, Groups C, D; Class II, Groups F, F, G; Class III.

The Model 5OOX Toxic or Combustible Monitor comes in 125 volt AC or 12 volt DC dual sensor systems. The 500X was designed to be an economical instrument for work over rigs, reverse units and areas where coverage by sensors is needed. The capability of having AC or DC current also gives the monitor flexibility. The 500X will send signals in 4 - 20 mA for constant recording on a graphic tape monitor or to a computer in put for 24 hour surveillance of toxic or combustible gases. Remote areas can be easily monitored with 12 volt DC powered batteries and solar units to provide constant power to the monitor.

The 500X is available in a 7" x 7" x 6" weatherproof fiberglass enclosure with a front window to see the meter and warning lights. The cabinet can be placed almost anywhere on the rig or used on other structural equipment. The control module comes equipped standard with an analog meter reading 0 to 50 ppm, with options from to 100 ppm. The faceplate fits over the main electronic board to allow easy access to the main potentiometers that control the functions of the monitor. The face plate has lights designated for certain functions. (GREEN - Power, Steady - RED for sensor selection). The test button allows the operator to see if the audible alarm and warning light are functional.

The 500X has a large selection of sensors for monitoring many types of chemical vapors and petroleum gases for ambient atmosphere leaks in sulfur plants, gas processing plants, flare stacks, petroleum tank battery sites, compressor stations, and remote areas where no electrical power is located. The user has the option of three different types of sensors: Metal Oxide, Electro Chemical or Catalytic bead. The Metal Oxide sensor is best suited for monitoring H2S on service rigs and drilling rigs. Electrochemical sensors offer a longer life in high threshold areas and a greater selection of toxic gas sensors. Catalytic bead sensors are used for combustible gas detection in the work place. The sensor is housed in a metal explosion proof enclosure with a stainless steel sintered flash arrestor with optional plastic splash guard. The sensor amplifier card has voltage output to send signals to the controller and the controller has a 4-20 mA signal which can be sent to other recording devices.


Response Time: Response time varies to the type of sensor needed. Ask for specific sheet on sensors.
Alarm Settings: User adjustable 0 - 50 ppm.
Temperature Range: -0 to 140F(-0 to 60C) (varies with sensor).
Visual Alarm: Amber or red flashing strobe light.
Audible Alarm: 110db piezo alarm
Calibration: Easy zero, span. and range setting at sensor head, zero adjustment at controller for alarm point setting. (Auto Cal sensor available at additional price).
Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 6".
Weight: Nine pounds.
Sensor Housing: UL classified for hazardous locations; NEC Class Groups C, D; Class II, Groups E, F, G; Class III.
Controller: Rugged fiberglass weather resistant design.
Stability: Less than 1% drift per month full scale, zero stability at less than .5% per month
Power Source: 12 volt DC battery, 125 AC power, solar power adaptability non-polarized hookup to battery
Meter Display: Analog Meter (0 - 50 ppm standard) options 0 - 100 ppm.
Sensors: Metal Oxide, Electro-Chemical or Catalytic Bead.



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